We help companies grow
As a firm dedicated to helping companies grow, Sustainable Equity Value focuses on talented
entrepreneurs and high potential small and medium-sized companies.
We also help larger organisations that wish to improve their ability to grow sustainably.

We build strong, broad and long-lasting relationships
We seek to build strong, long-term relationships with our clients and are able to provide
a full range of operational and financial capabilities to augment the existing competencies
of the companies that we work with.

We believe in the value of corporate sustainability
We are deeply committed to corporate sustainability and believe that it results in superior
long-term returns. We apply the principles of corporate sustainability to all of our engagements
and to the management and governance of Sustainable Equity Value.

And we operate internationally
Our primary focus is currently within Italy, Iberia and the Nordic countries.
We have headquarters in London, offices in Italy and representatives in many other countries,
allowing us to support our clients with a strong blend of international skills, experience and
contacts, as well as an understanding of the local landscape and SMEs.
A proportion of our profits and our time each year are invested in
supporting projects that have a positive social value.