For the company

  • Clear and holistic development plan, defining how to grow the value of the company in a
    sustainable way without undue risks.
  • Access to very experienced managers and consultants who have worked within larger
    companies and can bring new tools and approaches as the company grows without
    the need to "reinvent the wheel".
  • Access to a global network to support internationalisation plans and growth.
  • Where necessary, access to external investors to provide short-term financing or
    long-term growth capital.

For the investors

  • Access to a pre-filtered set of high potential companies, reducing effort to identify
    and qualify targets.
  • Reduced due diligence time and effort as SEV has already carried
    out a corporate sustainability assessment.
  • More effective engagement with companies before the investment :
    executives and current owners are already committed to corporate
    sustainability, including clear and structured governance,
    appropriate management controls, good HR practices and
    transparent reporting.
  • More effective relationship with companies after the investment :
    companies have a defined business plan and the support
    of SEV to monitor achievement of results.
  • Increase in the ESG rating of the portfolio, reducing
    risks and opening up access to new sources
    of liquidity.