We believe that an effective method is at the heart of systematically
positive results.

The SEV-Method™ applies to both how we work with our clients, as
well as to the analysis we perform, and plans we develop.

  • Integrated: Our method is built on the premise that a key driver
    behind successful change is integrated planning and delivery.
    This is why our initiatives look at all the areas covered by corporate sustainability,
    and define action plans that deliver across these areas in a prioritised and coordinated fashion.
  • Project driven: We treat each of our initiatives as a project, with a
    clear beginning, measurable objectives and milestones, a defined control
    and reporting structure, risk and issue management procedures, and clear
    performance indicators. This ensures transparency to stakeholders,
    improves execution and decreases risks.
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  • Sustainable: At the heart of our methodology is the conviction that a firm which is sustainable will outperform one which is not.
    We therefore assess a firm's corporate sustainability based on principles and methods that have been successfully used in large,
    publicly-quoted firms, but that we have adapted to the unique characteristics of SMEs. Our method, however, does not stop at the
    assessment, but also identifies specific actions that can be taken to improve a firm's sustainability.
  • Committed: Our method's focus on transparency and risk management, and the effectiveness of our assessment, means that we are
    happy to explore different contractual approaches with our clients, including options that increase the amount of risk sharing.
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