Our firm's greatest strength lies in its team. Its effectiveness is based on in its ability to deliver
fully integrated financial and operational capabilities. So while investment requirements and
solutions are being defined, plans can be made on how to improve the performance of key
business processes, as well as on how to take advantage of new business opportunities.

The team covers a number of roles.

Senior partners

Our Senior Partners are Sustainable Equity Value's (SEV's) executive team,
and are responsible for delivering its services to the highest standards
required by our clients. They bring both management and consultancy
skills, as well as strong international experience.
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A small number of highly experienced senior figures, experts in their areas of interest, have
agreed to assist SEV's efforts to continuously innovate, and systematically improve the quality
of its service offering. These advisors, who are a mix of both partners and wholly independent
figures, bring exceptional insights to the firm's mission and are committed to helping it succeed.
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Network and Links

A number of highly-experienced individuals and firms have chosen to contribute to SEV's goals,
representing us in different markets and augmenting our capacity to deliver across geographical
and skill boundaries.
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Associates and Consultants

A network of subject matter experts and experienced managers in the countries where we are represented
allow us to deploy resources rapidly and effectively across the initiatives we are involved in.