Assessing sustainability

We use our SEV-Method™ to assess the maturity level of your corporate sustainability against the four dimensions
illustrated in the corporate sustainability page: governance, economic, environmental and stakeholders. We provide an
assessment of the current level and highlight the areas where there are opportunities to increase value.

Defining sustainable growth plans

We work with stakeholders to define a comprehensive and sustainable development plan that addresses their
immediate operational, financial and market requirements and identifies the actions and initiatives required to
increase the company's long-term viability.
Where necessary, we help our clients to find financing for the development plan, through private equity,
government or institutional financing.

Implementing sustainable change

Besides providing strategic and financial advice, we work directly within an organisation to drive
change across all dimensions. Our level of involvement can range from coaching senior managers
in their change leadership roles, to directly undertaking initiatives within an organisation to bring about changes.

Identifying opportunities

Although the aim is to identify the main opportunities during the planning stage, the business environment
will continue to change during the implementation, creating new opportunities.
We apply our experience in managing complex change programmes to help our clients to decide
whether to incorporate the new opportunities into the scope of the plan, or to instead stay
focused on the current track and pursue them at a later date.

Managing risk

All change is fraught with risk. We apply our experience, along with a series of proven methods and tools, to help our
clients identify risks, and then define strategies for monitoring, mitigating and, when necessary, managing them.
Our reporting templates and procedures ensure appropriate levels of transparency.

Monitoring results

Whether or not we are directly involved in implementing the change initiatives, we are able to monitor results.
This is achieved by defining and monitoring key performance indicators to measure the progress of
the development plan.
We are so convinced of our ability to manage your risks that we expect to share them with you.
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Identifying investment opportunities

For responsible investors, we are also able to use our knowledge of the local business landscape to identify potential
investment opportunities. Firms are assessed in terms of corporate sustainability before we present them.