Our commitment to you

We recognise that clients and situations differ. We work with the client rather than for the client, and are therefore committed to finding the financial arrangement that best fits a client's specific needs. The most common examples of financial arrangements are listed below:

  • time & materials: the most classic approach in the consultancy business, especially in Italy, with the lowest risk profile for the consultancy firm. This is appropriate for limited initiatives, or longer-term advisory relationships such as leadership coaching
  • work-packages: this is often the best approach for time-limited initiatives such as a due diligence, entailing a series of payments linked to meeting agreed upon specific project-deliverables and milestones. Our project management approach facilitates this
  • success fees: when implementing a business growth plan where clear and measurable indicators of success can be agreed, this is a highly effective means of sharing risk
  • equity: the most effective means of ensuring that risks and rewards are shared and that all stakeholders are motivated to achieve sustainable growth.
We work with you to define the most appropriate mix of financial arrangements, with a preference for working on the basis of work-packages, success fees and equity.